Remembering Kai... photos.

Jan. 7th, 2012. Kai's Birthday celebration. We punched holes in tin cans and hung them in his little Dogwood tree. Our friends were there to help us remember and celebrate.
Photo by Valerie Lear.

Wings I created and gave to people as a thank you for helping us through the first year after Kai's still birth.
This photo is taken by Valerie Lear of the wings I gave her.

2011 Candle lighting ceremony. I couldn't make but some wonderful mothers didn't forget him.

A photo of Kai that I re-worked in and above that is a photo we took while on vacation in Florida that I added words from a Robert Munch children's story.

We vacationed in Florida so I made Kai's name out of seashells and seaweed...

....and Oscar's name.
...and Sophie's.

Kai's butterfly from the 2009 PBSO Butterfly Release.

Oct. 2009
Our first PBSO Walk to Remember and Dove Release at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.