This is me at our computer.
- lived in and around Toronto my whole life except for three years spent apprenticing with an artist in Japan

- I married my high school sweetheart just over 20 years ago

- I have lived with chronic depression since I was in my early teens

- sexual abuse and the lack of emotionally healthy guidance helped me to create a warped set of core beliefs that I am constantly working on changing

- our daughter was born while we were in Japan where they still put babies in plastic basinets behind a window and don't allow them to stay with their mothers!!!

- our son was stillborn on Jan. 7, 2009 - it was the worst year I've ever experienced

- I love good chocolate.

- graduated from the printmaking program of an art college.

- computers are not ME friendly.

- I love a good crime show

- I don't read newspapers or watch the news... If it's that important I will hear about it somehow

- I love travelling abroad but can't afford it ... everywhere is abroad from Canada

- I love things that convey a history ( I love old stuff!)

- gardening calms me

- someday I want to live right beside moving water... I can stare at moving water all day, same with flames!

- being positive is very difficult for me

...more to follow...