Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 7th, 12:44 a.m. Happy Birth Day Kai! We love you!

Friday Jan. 7th should be Kai's Birthday. He should be two years old this year. We are lucky enough to have a great bunch of friends who think it is a wonderful idea to remember Kai and his Birth Date every year.  I'm not sure what I want or need to say... I'll leave this until later. These are some beautiful pictures of the evening taken by our friend Valerie.

My friend made a delicious carrot cake for Kai's Birth Day. She even remembered to put two candles on top!

Our daughter helped me blow out Kai's two candles.

My husband lighting candles outside.
Our friends helped us remember Kai by  being with us and placing candles around his tree in our yard.

My candle.

I placed it in the snow around Kai's tree.

Our daughter, Kai's big sister and her candle.

Kai's big sister placing her candle around her brother's tree.

Our friends also placed their candles  around Kai's tree.

SO pretty in the snow. We left them out in the dark for several hours while it snowed. There were still four candles burning when we put them out at 4am! The rest were buried in snow!

Part of our gathering of friends who think it's a good thing to remember  Kai's Birth Day!
I love them!! I think Kai must love them, too. I like to believe he sent the snow as a reminder of himself.  He was born during a snowstorm!


  1. akemi, remembering kai this weekend. i will always think of him, as he shares a birthday with me. xo

  2. Very beautiful! What a wonderful celebration - we should do something like that but I don't know what date to use since our son was born so early. I will have to find something I'm comfortable with. I'm glad you have such supportive friends, that is a precious gift indeed.

  3. It looks beautiful. How wonderful that so many people remember and honour Kai with you. xx

  4. Well Jenni! Belated Happy Birthday !! I hope you were able to spend time with your friends on your birthday as well!

  5. I chose the date that Kai was stillborn instead of the date that we found out he had died (Jan. 6th at about 10:00 a.m.) because it was more meaningful to my husband and I...I still had the hope that he would somehow be born alive when we found out on the 6th. I had that hope right up until the silence when he didn't cry and the room was silent.
    I am so grateful that our friends want to share in Kai's Birth Day. It really helps my daughter as well since a couple of her friends were there also!