Thursday, November 11, 2010

PBSO Walk to Remember and Dove Release

Families gathering under the canopies to hear a short speech given by the son of the Children's Garden creator and some poetry read by families in memory of their infants.
Oct. 2010

In the foreground is the Children's Garden that was created by a mother some 20 years after her infant son died. She had been told to forget about that child by doctors!!

The doves waiting quietly in their baskets.

Most families took turns saying their infants names and dates of birth/death out loud. Afterwards we were each given a carnation.

... and the doves are released.

The dove release totally delighted the children that were there!
After this there was hot tea, coffee, water, juice boxes and cookies. 
I was busy talking to other parents and I missed out on the chocolate cookies!!!

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